Friday, November 28, 2014

Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine - August 1998

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In search of the Best Cruiser on Earth
   In our search for the best cruiser on earth, we travel 12,000 miles on eight bikes, in three days.
   That was the request Motorcycle Cruiser conveyed to the eight major makers of big street bikes that count cruisers among their models. "We want your flagship cruiser." we told them. There were some conditions. We wanted unmitigated cruisers, not touring cruisers. That meant no Harley Road Kings or Kawasaki Nomads. For some manufacturers, the choice was clear. BMW only makes one cruiser model, the R1200C. Nor was there any doubt about which model Moto Guzi would send. The V11 EV is the Italian maker's solitary cruiser. Suzuki's new 1500 Intruder LC was it's obvious choice, and that's what it selected. Kawasaki's choice was also clear-cut; it sent the Vulcan 1500 Classic. We wondered whether Honda would choose the beautifully crafted 1100 Aero V-twin or the big six-cylinder Valkyrie. We got the six....

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