Monday, June 30, 2014

Motorcyclist Magazine - January 1997

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Power Cruiser Shootout:
The Bully Club 
Big power and bad attitudes from motorcycling's nasty boys
   Return with us now to the base of your brain, land of the launch lizard, where sex is safe, gas is cheap and horsepower runs free. The NHSTA, EPA, IIHS, CHP and your BVD's are not gonna like this....

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine - August 1999

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Honda Valkyrie: Beast Of Balance
   Honda's flagship cruiser does it all: muscle bike, weekday commuter, open-road runner, corner charger, boulevard troller, statement maker...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bike Magazine - Jan 1998

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Chrome Sweet Chrome
These monsters are about power in a different kind of package.
Honda F6C, BMW R1200C, Yamaha V-Max and Guzi California EV Shoot-out.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Honda Valkyrie

                                                         Re-edited 1996 Honda Valkyrie commercial.

   An editing class project by Actor Hans Bruz using Honda's original raw footage from their National Honda Valkyrie commercial.
   I'd say he did the Valkyrie proud!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Motorcycle Consumer News - July 1996

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The Valhalla Express
   We're convinced that the F6C Valkyrie is "The answer to the question that everyone's been asking."  That question being: "Why can't anyone build a cruiser that has horsepower, handling and comfort?"
   With dealers holding deposits on nearly the entire first allotment of Valkyries, the real question may be "Who has any left to sell?"

Fast Bikes Magazine - October 1996

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   No bikes come lower, wider or weightier than the custom clone drone, but thankfully not every set of cow-horns gives you a bum steer.

  .....Pull off is that incomparably suave, sophisticated, progressive Honda affair. By Christ they've got the drive-train of motorcycles sorted. Goldwing smoothness is ever conspicuous but there's much more action and, if you dump the clutch with a few grand on the clock, this thing will start to reward you in ways that custom bikes just aren't supposed to . 
   It's without a doubt the spunkiest and most boisterous engine in the class and deliberately or not, Honda have made the right decision. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Rider Magazine - October 1996

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Touring Montana on the Yamaha Royal Star and Honda Valkyrie
The Great Escape: A quest for freedom aboard the Honda Valkyrie and Yamaha Royal Star
....To match the wide-open expanses of Big Sky country, we've chosen Yamaha's 1,294cc V-four Royal Star and Honda's brand-new Valkyrie, powered by a hot-rodded 1,520cc flat-six.

Freeway Magazine - May 1999

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Six Appeal: Cobra's Honda F6C Valkyrie
  Wide-eyed and slack-jawed - that's how people look who've just come into contact with this hulk of a Honda F6C, built by American customisers Cobra. Six appeal? You better believe it. Just one glance at this mechanical beast is enough to make your testosterone level boil over.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

MotorCyclist Magazine - July 1996

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First Test: 1997 Honda Valkyrie
Ride of the Valkyrie. Going to Valhalla and back on Honda's six-y maiden.
Classic lines, six cylinders and a lot more fun than meets the eye.

The Honda Valkyrie US Production Motorcycle 1996

                                                                        One Great Motorcycle...

American Motorcyclist - July 1996

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Valkyrie! Picking Up Honda's Six Pack To Go...
   That's not just a new Honda Valkyrie rolling down the road - it's a collection of more than 3,500 parts. And we watched them come together on the assembly line before taking our Valkyrie for a test ride.

Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine - December 1999


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Cruise Ships
Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide, Honda Valkyrie Interstate and Yamaha Royal Star Venture
   Lets be clearfrom the outset. These three motorcycles are full-dress tourers in cruiser clothing. Each bike's design centers on Riding--serious, capital "R" riding. If waking up in one state and going to sleep in another (with a few stops in a couple states in between) sounds like your kind of fun, these bikes have been designed for you...

Monday, June 16, 2014

CycleWorld Magazine - July 1996

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Honda's 100-hp CRUISE MISSILE: 1997 Valkyrie 1500 - A cruiser with Six appeal
   Honda makes no bones about the Valkyrie's immense size, referring to it as "the most imposing custom machine ever designed" in it's own publicity materials.

The First Valkyrie - Motorcyclist Magazine - July 1994

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In July 1994, Honda was at a local bike shop displaying a "Concept" motorcycle, supposedly for the purpose of "Market Research". This prototype Gold Wing based "Cruiser" is the first road-ready "draft" of what became the Valkyrie! See it for yourself and find out how many differences you can spot between this concept cruiser and the Valkyrie we ride today!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine - December 1997

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Getting Personal: Custom Valkyrie Project
  Those of us who succumb to the urge to modify our motorcycles tend to fall into two categories: those who plan a project down to the last detail and those who go where the spirit leads them. When embarking on our custom Valkyrie project, we fell into the latter group...

Colorado Motorcycle Road Trip


Posted to youtube by Kevin Morris
2,142 miles on a 1999 Honda Valkyrie from Fort Worth, TX to The Million Dollar Mile on a motorcycle.
Had to embed this here. A great video and his commentary is an eloquent tribute to motorcyclist everywhere.


Motorcycle International Magazine - Sept 1996

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Flat-Six Appeal: Valkyrie In The Islands...
  Roland Brown was one of the few to get his leg across this most monstrous of Honda sixes, and he was impressed, I can tell you. So impressed that he felt compelled to write about it for our amazement. But he hasn't grown a beard yet, so I guess he's not buying one....

MotorCyclist Magazine - Preview '97 - April 1996

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Preview '97: Honda's Radical Radical 6-Cylinder Valkyrie Cruiser!
   A look at Big Red's retro, radical, hot-rod Gold Wing.
   Funny how quickly things change. A year or two ago, the thought of Japanese manufacturers offering high-end, high-dollar cruisers would have seemed about as likely as a Clinton/Gingrich ticket in '96.


Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine - Fall 1996

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Wild Wing! 
Honda's Devastating Valkyrie...
   Not All Who Wander Are Lost: Honda's Valkyrie defies cruiser convention and blazes trails lots of folks will want to follow. We found one of them in Maine...
   There is no question that Honda has strayed from the cruiser mainstream with the Valkyrie. Conventional cruisers are not powered by huge liquid-cooled flat sixes...

Honda F6C Valkyrie Data File

                                                              Click Here for Preview and Download

   If you always sneered at big capacity cruisers, you should try the F6C. Built in the USA, the land of excess, this huge piece of chrome and steel is not only quick in a straight line, but takes to the twisties with aplomb - yes, really
   The F6C stands for Flat Six Custom and this massive 1500cc monster lives up to it's name.

Cycle World Magazine - March 1996

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Preview '97: Honda Valkyrie 1500  
Not Your Fathers Gold Wing
   Honda and Yamaha are at war. At stake is leadership in motorcycling's newest prestige class: mega-cruisers....
   Possibly the most imposing production motorcycle since the Volkswagon-powered Amazonas, the Valkyrie is the continuing work of "Project Phoenix,".....