Saturday, September 19, 2015

Australian Motorcycle News Magazine - March 1997

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 SIZE Matters
     One thing the Valkyrie has by the bucket-load is presence, not unlike that of a certain Milwaukee brand. Sheer size has a lot to do with it - you could land a Cessna on the fuel tank - as does the fact that it's litterally dripping in chrome. The combination of the shiny bits, and a paint scheme that's as subtle as a smack in the head with a dead mullet, means you'll never have trouble finding your bike in the carpark...

Saturday, May 2, 2015

BSH Magazine (UK) - November 1996

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It's So Big....
   Quite a few observers likened the Honda to the Boss Hog V8 Chevy bike from the States. No doubt about it, it's BIG! The size and proportions are further emphasised by the....

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

TwoWheels Magazine - July 1997 (AU)

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Nothing Exceeds Like Excess
   Way back when flares were groovy, some of the Honda heavies were thinking of the ultimate motorcycle, an engineering tour de force, something so mind-blowing that it would rewrite the history books and knock the other manufacturers for dead....

Saturday, January 24, 2015

1999 Valkyrie-Valkyrie Tourer Brochure

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1999 Honda Valkyrie & Valkyrie Tourer
   King of the highway, king of the boulevard, king of the road: a Valkyrie is the undisputed monarch of the custom world. Looks, power, refinement, the Valkyrie has it all...

Sunday, January 18, 2015

2000 Honda Valkyries Brochure

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   If bigger is better, than too much might be just enough.
   The Valkyrie isn't about drawing attention to yourself as you roll down the boulevard. It's about the most awesome motorcycle in the custom world, a bike that believes performance is measured in the power you put to the pavement, and not by the number of car alarms you set off as you creep by. What you get is a big dose of muscle-car performance, but with a surprising twist.
   Unlike those 1960's muscle cars or a lot of hot-rod biikes, the Valkyrie handles like a dream......

The Honda Valkyrie Pages 2

                                                                 UNDER CONSTRUCTION

The Honda Valkyrie Pages
   I started this blog as a place to post the Valkyrie articles that I've collected since I was introduced to my Fat Lady on April 1st, 2012.
   I'd been away from motorcycling for a good number of years and had never even heard of the Honda Valkyrie. After I was introduced to mine, which I purchased on the spot, I began my search online for information about this most awesome of machines.
   What I found was just a few on-line articles at the websites of a couple motorcycle magazines, a few blogs posted by Valkyrie owners extolling the awesomeness of their Valkyries, and the website of the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club.
   What I was searching for was unbiased, informative, indepth information about this new motorcycle of mine, that I later learned was so good that it was voted "Cruiser of the Decade" by a major motorcycle publication, which, I might also add, is, to my knowledge, the only motorcycle to ever be awarded that Title.
   So, in my search for articles and information about my very own "Cruiser of the Decade", I started collecting back issues of various motorcycle magazines, which you'll find here on "The Honda Valkyrie Pages." Taken together, these articles paint a picture that makes it easy to see why the Honda Valkyrie is consistantly ranked as one of the best motorcycles ever built.
   I consider these articles to be the common heritage of everyone who's been fortunate enough to own one of these awesome motorcycles, and, everyone who's looking for information about the Honda Valkyrie...
   Left click on any thumbnail to enlarge. Left click links to preview pics/PDF files. Download arrow is at the top of each preview page. All links open in a new window.
   Once you ride one, you'll have to own one!

   In "The Honda Valkyrie Pages 2", you'll find many of the video's, PDF's, Links, ect, for some of the stuff I've found to help keep this mechanical marvel running and looking as great as she deserves to be.
   This site is my attempt to gather these posts from various corners of the web and make them easily accessable from one location. I will be adding to them as time allows, and as I find more stuff that should be here. ( Currently Under Construction )
   The information in these pages is freely available on the web, so feel free to browse and use whatever you find. All links are underlined and open in a new window.
   These postings are by no means exhaustive, and if you've got a file or link that's not here, I would love to have it and possibly add it to this collection.
   A special Thank You to all the members of the Valkyrie Riders Cruiser Club for all their hard work in making so much of this information available, and for helping me learn how to keep my own Fat Lady on the road, and to all the Valkyrie fans around the world who refuse to let one of the best motorcycles ever built fade into the pages of history.
   Ride Safe

Sunday, January 4, 2015

SuperBike Magazine - August 2001

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Battle Stations
   SuperBike takes a cautious peek at the weird world of chrome and cruisers, sorting out the heavy artillery from the spud guns. BMW R1200C vs Victory V92SC Sport Cruiser vs Honda F6C Valkyrie vs Harley Davidson FXDTX. All hands on deck...