Monday, September 29, 2014

CycleWorld Magazine - June 1999

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Retro Riot!
Triple Baggers
A trio of retro-rigs heads out on the highway
H-D Electra Glide, Honda Interstate, Yamaha Venture
   If you like motorcycles and the open road, Man, do you have options. Among them, the three bikes pictured here. Call them retro-rigs, call them nostalgia-tourers, call them whatever you want. these machines are designed to go the distance - long legs for the style conscious... 


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Motorcycle Consumer News - March 1999

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Baggers To Badwater
   Throw a leg over a "great" cruiser for a long weekend and you're sure to decide that there's more to motorcycling than piloting the latest red-hot sportbike through challenging curves....
   But exactly what makes a great cruiser isn't so easy to define as the ingrediants that make a great sportbike. Maxium performance has a certain cold logic that appeals to factory engineers. Cruisers, on the other hand, need to do more than just go, turn and stop. Elusive considerations like "look" and "feel" are most important to the consumer, and both are outside the rational discipline of engineering. Harley-Davidson's unprecedented popularity is clearly hard to fathom from a technological point of view...

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On Any Sunday (1971)


                                                 Found this on the web and had to embed it here.

   Mention the name Bruce Brown in any crowd, and someone will reply: "He's the reason I ride."
   Featuring Steve McQueen with music by the famed Dominic Frontiere, this is without a doubt the quintessential motorcycle film.....
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1998 Honda Valkyrie

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1998 Honda Valkyrie
   As Japanese manufacturers rushed to bring out cruiser models in the 1980's, Honda was in the thick of things with it's V-twin Shadows. During the Nineties, these cruisers grew in displacement and sophistication, but Honda trumped them all with the 1997 introduction of the Valkyrie...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Motorcycle Consumer News - June 1996

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First Impression
1997 Honda Valkyrie
   At the time of writing this, I have probably spent more time in the saddle of the new Valkyrie than anyone else in the world, except for maybe a couple of R&D guys at Honda....

Motorcycle Consumer News - November 1996

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Valkyrie on Tour
   The world's first fully accessorized Honda F6 tackles a trailer and a 4000-mile endurance test through the mountains and deserts of California....

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1999 Honda Valkyrie Interstate Brochure

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1999 Honda Valkyrie Interstate
Give your riding buddies performance anxiety
   Out in California, they say you can never be too rich, too thin or too tan. And there's sort of a corollary when it comes to touring motorcycles: you can never have too much power, too much comfort, or too much luggage room. And the farther you ride from home, the truer that becomes...

Motorcycle Consumer News - April 1999

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Who's The King Of The Road?
   Seated around the conference table are 10 wet, tired and disheveled bikers. Six males and four females, they have together racked up a cumulative total of over 15,000 mile in the last four days, test-riding all of the newest 1999 luxury touring bikes. The last 100 miles were the most brutal, ridden on mountain roads in a cold rain, heavy fog and crosswinds gusting up to 60mph. They should be, and are, exhausted--but you'd never know it from the animation and volume of their conversation....

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Custom Valkyrie - Mastiga - by Pulsar Project

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Pulsar Project "Mastiga" by Chris Cofitis.
   A truely "Custom" Honda Valkyrie if ever there was one.
   Hand Made!
   Words fail me, except for, "He can do mine next!"
   Being a site for "The Honda Valkyrie in Print and Pictures", I had to snag these pictures of this awesome Valkyire and post them here.
   Below is a video of a few of his custom bikes, including this Valkyrie....


   Here is the Pulsar Project Website Homepage,,,

   Here is the Pulsar Project Facebook page...  

Motorcycle Sport and Leisure Magazine - March 1997

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   What happens to a Gold Wing when you tune the engine, discard fairing, panniers and stereo, and style it like a custom cruiser? Is it transformed into a muscle-bound, sultry-smooth cruise or is it just a 'Wing which has lost it's way? Then again, maybe Honda is right, and it's latest cruiser "redefines another section of the market". Ian Kerr has come to a decision.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Honda F6C Valkyrie (Japan?)

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Honda F6C Valkyrie 
   In a moment of audacious brilliance, Honda designers decided to build a custom cruiser version of the flat-six, 1470cc (90ci) Gold Wing. The result is the staggering F6C Valkyrie...

Motorcycle Cruiser Magazine - April 2000

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The Sporting Side of Cool
7-Bike Face-Off
   ...they represent the newest and one of the most significant niches in motorcycling. By melding cruiser style with cornering fun, sport-cruisers invite a new kind of rider into their world and offer new opportunities to the long-time cruiser enthusiasts...

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Rider Magazine - May 1997

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Ridden & Rated
1997 Honda Valkyrie Tourer
  ... think of the Valkyrie as the best of the modern breed of NFL Defensive Ends: remarkably large, incredibly strong, faster than you can believe, yet responsive and quick off the mark and, perhaps most surprising of all, terrifically agile for it's size and bulk...