Sunday, August 17, 2014

Rider Magazine - July 1996

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Honda's 1,520cc Six-Banger
Valkyrie Mega-Cruiser
   Whoever said that moderation is for wimps must have been talking about the new Honda Valkyrie. Instead of detuning an existing V-twin or V-four to better adapt it for the sedentary life in the belly of a traditionally styled custom cruiser, Honda not only began with the massive opposed-flat-six from it's Gold Wing, it went the other way. Then, after stirring in more mid-range and top-end power with a total of six carburators, hotter camshafts and freer-flowing exhaust, it gussied up the monster motor with new chrome covers and accents and hung it in an open custom chassis for all to see. All hail the "Power Cruiser"--in your face, tradition!

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