Friday, July 4, 2014

Chasing The Valk - pt.1

                                     Miami River Rd and Hwy 53 Oregon 2009 from NWBikers.Com on Vimeo.

The Story Behind These Video's:
in his own words...

   "Oh Teresa what a gal. I found Teresa in Spring 2009 (I think). I was leading a group of riders to Run 21 in Berkenfeld Oregon. We were gathering in Olympia Washington. My first site of Teresa was her riding by me to the end of the line on her Valk. The Valk is a huge Honda with a flat 6 cylinder engine. It is something special.
As she road by me my thought was "Man that is a big bike for such a little girl". LOL I was to be educated later. Teresa was tall and skinny. A very attractive lady. But on that bike at first sight she looked very small.

We road at Cruiser pace the Clatskanie Or and the start of Hwy 47. I told all the cruisers that this was a very nice road and very twisty. As I was riding Sport Touring I said I was going to ride at a quick (I never say fast) pace. They were welcome to follow at pace if they wanted but not to worry about getting lost I would wait at the other end and there was no where to turn off in the middle.

So off we went. I took off and soon lost the main group but I could see a couple riders behind me. There was at least one other ST rider. Then we hit the twisties and my attention was all ahead of me. Seems to me in hind sight I might have thought I heard something behind me. But in the tight twisties I did not look back.

As we were getting closer to the end I again heard something and this time I looked back. I was greeted with a rear view mirror full of a big red and white Honda Valkyrie. Holy crap that LITTLE girl was laying that valk on its side grinding metal on both sides. She was right on my rear. So I watched the rear view a little more on those last few corners.
   When we got to the intersection I pulled into the parking area and got off. I could see way back the one other ST coming, but Teresa and the Valk were right there. I ran back to her and said holy shit you can ride that bike. I was thinking of adding "will you marry me" . She had a huge grin on her face. We were to spend the next couple days riding just her and I. She never wanted to stop and no route was to long.
   Teresa road with our group for the next year or so then all of a sudden she moved to Alaska. We have not seen or heard from her for a long time. Teresa if you see this drop me or us a line."

   Now that's a cool story, and three great video's of him chasing Teresa on her Valkyrie!

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